Sagas – The Geopolitcal Game

Swordcraft Sagas – the Geopolitical Game

What is the purpose of the Swordcraft: Sagas?

This aspect of the Swordcraft game is designed to give a relevance to Friday Night battles, day games, and to set up a continuing narrative for Quest. It’s also designed to flesh out the Swordcraft mythos a little further, to give players a communal font from which to draw when developing their own narratives and backstories.


How do you play?

The basic gameplay of Swordcraft: Sagas is fairly simple; after quest, each warband participating in Sagas (called a House) submits their orders to the GMs. Orders may involve raiding a region, holding it against potential foes, building defensive structures, spying, exploring or performing powerful magic rituals.

If a House’s orders bring them into conflict with another House then the GMs may schedule a Friday Battle to determine which House is successful.


Sagas Conquest Rules v2 – Final

What is my role in the game?

There will be two kinds of players in Swordcraft: Sagas; those who take an active part, and those who are happy to turn up and swing a sword.

The active players are likely those in leadership positions within a warband, and it’s up to each individual warband what that structure looks like. All the game needs is an order at the end of every Quest, and then these orders will play out over the course of the coming Friday night battles (or they may occur immediately, depending on what the order is).

Players who just wish to show up and swing a sword can still do so.

What if I don’t want to take part?

As above, if you as a player or warband don’t wish to take part in Swordcraft: Sagas, that’s fine. Friday nights and Quests will still be running as normal. Warbands can opt into the game at a later date, but will be at a potential disadvantage to begin (as the other warbands have had time to accumulate gold and influence).

Where do I start?

In order to facilitate the game, a few decisions needed to be made about the game world:

  • The continent we inhabit is called ‘Althea’, and is one of staple fantasy (immortal elves, miner dwarves, marauding orks, kingdoms, magic, wilderness etc).
  • The technological level of the world is pre-industrial, post-gunpowder (though the latter is not prolific enough to make castles obsolete, and traditional siege engines are still required).
  • The continent is ancient; the inhabitants who exist there now are recent, except for perhaps some of immortal heritage.