The Loose Cannon Tavern

The Loose Cannon Tavern is your place for entertainment, socialising, and of course, booze at every Quest!

The Loose Cannon Tavern is owned and operated by Captains Gamble and Black – Callum Gamble and Aaron Smith – and is fully licensed under Victorian law as an establishment that serves beer, wine, and spirits. Our bartenders and security staff are certified in their positions, and all licensing and certifications will be on premise and available to be viewed by Mafeking Rover Park and local authorities if the need arises.

Our hours of operation for the upcoming Quest are:
Monday the 17th through Saturday the 22nd. The Tavern opens at 12pm and closes at 1am.

(drinks menu)(subject to change)

The Loose Cannon Tavern will be hosting several events, such as Dwarven Trivia Night and the Mr. Althea Competition. Keep and eye out here for further announcements of events and performances!

At The Loose Cannon Tavern, we encourage every one to eat, drink, and be merry, while also remembering that we strictly adhere to our licenses and Victorian law. If you’re asked to leave by a member of the staff, we ask that you comply without issue.