Swordcraft Quest September 2017

Swordcraft Quest
September the 24th – October the 1st, 2017

Mafeking Rover Park
Caveat-Dropmore Road, Caveat VIC 3660

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The time is approaching for all to head to Estra. Red Faction currently controls the town, and plenty of adventures are in store for all!

Whether you enjoy tales around the campfire, quests into the wilderness, or epic battles and sieges, this Quest will be another record-breaking event!

Swordcraft Quest is a biannual week-long Live Action Roleplay event, where LARPers and merchants from all over Australia gather to roleplay, eat, drink, and battle!

With over 700 players, food vendors, a fully licensed pirate tavern, an immersive town setting teaming with merchants, in-character embassies, carnival games, and music – not to mention sieges and battles to control the fate of Estra – Swordcraft Quest is the largest Live Action Roleplay event in Australia!

Players and participants of any level of experience are welcome at Quest. We provide new player training at the event, and the community is very welcoming to new players. While you must be 16 years of age or older to participate in fighting and battles at Swordcraft Quest, children of all ages are welcome.

Tickets are now available!


Ticket Types

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July 20th*

August 31st*

September 24th

September 30th

September 30th

September 30th

September 24th

September 24th


* Price will increase at midnight.
** Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult AT ALL TIMES.
 Please see the ticketing website for details on ticket types.