Swordcraft Quest April 2018

Swordcraft Quest
1 April to 8 April 2018

The time is approaching for all to head to Estra. 

Once again, the Electors have gathered at Ancient Estra to press for their favoured Avatar to rule the land.

And their followers have joined them, flooding through the gates of “The Rock”, the castle overlooking the city seeking plunder and pleasure. A tide met by the locals who have thrown open the drinking dens, gambling houses, and fighting pits once again.

But the chaos caused by the Monkey King last Quest has torn the heavens asunder. The cosmos is in disarray, and a rift has opened in the skies above Estra leading to the Void. And this celestial rift has drawn the eye of the denizens of the Void, who now look hungrily upon the world.

Who will you support? Who will you oppose? And who will be victorious? Enjoy The Rock, whilst you still can…

Whether you enjoy tales around the campfire, quests into the wilderness, or epic battles and sieges, this Quest will be another record-breaking event!


Tickets available!ticket


Tickets Quantity avail. Price
Full Event    
Camp at Kryal 600 $160
Dorm bed at Kryal 60 $200
Organise Own Accommodation​ 200 $80
Combined Guardian & 16 or 17 yr old NA $300
Under 16 (accompanied by parent or legal guardian) NA Included in parent ticket
Day Entry Only (10am-midnight) 200 $35


Overflow Full Event*

*only available once all Kryal onsite camping and dorm tickets sold

Overflow camping   $150
Overflow dorm bed   $180