Blood & Gold – April 2019 Quest

A week of medieval mayhem, battles and questing!

Welcome to Sudenburg, a frontier town on the Old Silk Road in the Border Princes.

A town surrounded by wilderness, hostile human and non-human tribes, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and rumors of untold treasure.

A town where its ruling Council of 4 Merchant Princes are always looking for swords to hire.

A town where you are as likely to die in battle as with a knife in your guts.

A town where bold adventure awaits.


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Blood & Gold Player Guide April 2019



– Town with surrounding Encampment
– Warbands allocated space to set up and decorate their camps in Encampment
– RP related tents and buildings in Town
– Merchants within Town 

Quests, Tournaments, Trollball and other events may be booked with our team. All these events will be published in advance and on a Quest board in the Town.