Quest Format

A week of medieval mayhem, battles and questing!

Welcome to Sudenburg, a frontier town on the Old Silk Road in the Border Princes.

A town surrounded by wilderness, hostile human and non-human tribes, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and rumors of untold treasure.

A town where its ruling Council of 4 – Lords and Merchants are always looking for swords to hire.

A town where you are as likely to die in battle as with a knife in your guts.

A town where bold adventure awaits.


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– Town with surrounding Encampment
– Warbands allocated space to set up and decorate their camps in Encampment
– RP related tents and buildings in Town
– Merchants within Town 

Quest Currency Coins
Swordcraft coins will be in play as well as a wide variety of other player driven IC currency. Swordcraft has not set, and does not officially support, any kind of conversion rate between IC and OOC currency.

Quests, Tournaments, Trollball and other events may be booked with our team. All these events will be published in advance and on a Quest board in the Town.