New Player Information


What We Do

We run some training but mostly focus on fighting battles. These sessions are designed for people to come along and play Swordcraft in a casual environment. Be prepared for a crazy night as with over 350 people every Friday, the battles can get very wild!

While Swordcraft uses foam covered solid cored weapons and requires players to hit with a light touch (using “pulled” realistic swings), it is still very much a contact sport so come prepared for a few knocks.


New players play for free on their first night! If you participate for four consecutive weeks, you will get discounted games of $5.00. All subsequent games are $13.00, with an additional $2.00(CASH) if you are hiring a weapon.


Prior to arriving on Friday nights we urge new players and veterans to pre-register.


If you are between the ages of 16-17, and want to play Swordcraft, on your first night
you MUST bring a printed copy of the PDF registration form
signed by your parent or legal guardian. 
You will not be able to play without it!

What to Bring

We have 90+ club swords and you don’t need armour to play, so first timers only need to bring the following:

  • Medieval/Fantasy costume if you have one, otherwise a plain large T-shirt “tunic” and plain tracksuit pants
  • Comfortable shoes (the more medieval looking the better, but plain runners are fine for your first game)
  • A belt you can wear on the outside of your clothes (to tuck swords into)
  • If you have contact lenses, wear them instead of glasses
  • A sports box (a good idea)
  • Gloves (a good idea)
  • A fighting spirit and a sense of humour!


Every Friday at Western Oval in Parkville .

Click here for Map


On your first night, try to get there by 6-6.30pm and expect to finish around 10.30pm.


Please review the Rules and FAQ before attending, as it will make the night far less confusing!