Marshals and Warband Leaders


  • Swordcraft takes place in a medieval/renaissance fantasy world (Warhammer Fantasy Role Play setting) of powerful magic, perilous adventure and epic battle. In playing Swordcraft, we strive to create an immersive environment where seeing is believing.
  • To play Swordcraft all you need is a sense of fairplay, fun, basic level of fitness, and a “medieval” costume or fantasy equivalent. A medieval costume can be as simple as a logo free large t-shirt, belt and baggy tracksuit pants, and logo free footwear. More elaborate costume is encouraged.
  • Swordcraft relies on who you are and what you can do physically and mentally. It does not use character sheets or stats to represent skill and ability.  You play the role you want to play, whether armour clad knight, barbarian, peasant, merchant, mighty wizard or shifty rogue. How well you can pull it off is up to you. We don’t tell you how to do it. All you have to do is costume and armour up to fit who you want to be.

Updated November 2018

PDF documents below contain the rules for Swordcraft weekly games and Quest

Swordcraft Combat Rules 2018-11-04

Swordcraft Healers Rules

Swordcraft Mage Rules

Swordcraft Weapon and Shield Construction Rules 2018-05-17


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Facebook, or through our Contact page. For clarification on the construction of weapons, shields, and siege weapons, please contact the Swordcraft Equipment Desk.