Game Format and Rules


Estra at Mafeking Rover Park: Map by Leigh Haren. 

 This map is an artistic representation of locales, and is subject to change.


There are 5 major factions representing 5 different elements, each with their own themed Avatar all vying for control of the town, its wealth, and the Empire! (Black = Void, Blue = Water, Gold = Air, Green = Earth, Red = Fire)

Houses and warbands may join a faction to take part in many of the activities at Quest. Houses in a faction may receive ducats (via membership, from their faction’s pool, and if the faction wins the final battle). Houses that join a faction are entitled to ducats equal to the number of full days they have been in the faction prior to the Saturday Final Battle (Monday = 5 ducats, Tuesday = 4 ducats….. Friday = 1 ducat).

A House or warband can only officially join a faction between 9am and 6pm by talking to the Avatar. Each member of a warband who has joined a faction is given a ribbon that they can keep on their person to prove their allegiance. This ribbon becomes a lootable item by that faction’s members if a warband changes faction mid-game.

Each morning two factions will be given an objective by their Avatars to complete, similar to Friday night game objectives (capture the flag, item capture etc.). If the faction completes their objective by 10am, 1 ducat is added to the faction’s pool.

Each afternoon, the fort guarding the town may be captured. The faction in control (with their banner in the banner holder) at 4pm will be awarded 9 ducats to add to its pool.

Avatars are able to be assassinated (this requires a Rune item) between 9am and 6pm Tuesday to Friday and 9am to 2pm Saturday. If an avatar is killed, 1 ducat is taken from the faction’s ducat pool at the end of the final battle and added to the assassin’s faction’s pool. Avatars respawn half an hour after they have been killed and are able to be assassinated multiple times.

Faction Banners can be stolen. If a faction loses their banner they will lose 1 ducat from their pool. Banners are NOT allowed to be stored in tents. They must be out in the open (regardless of camp) and within approx. 10m of an entrance. Each faction will have their Avatar and 3 rune warriors (selected by the avatar) in the final battle.
Note: players not in a faction are unable to take part in the final battle.

The winning Faction of the Final Battle (last banner standing) gets:
– to appoint a new Emperor/Empress for next Quest and the right to police and help organise the town for the next Quest.
– 1 ducats to add to its pool for each House at Quest, to split evenly among its Houses, any leftover ducats to be allocated by the Faction in whatever manner it decides [This will reward a winning Faction with less Houses as each gets a bigger slice of the pie].

The Final Battle on Saturday (NOT SUNDAY) will be a “Last Banner Standing” scenario.

Quest Currency Coins
Swordcraft coins will be in play as well as a wide variety of other player driven IC currency. Swordcraft has not set, and does not officially support, any kind of conversion rate between IC and OOC currency.

The Senate
The warbands will each be able to participate in the Althean Senate with the number of representatives dependent on the number of Saga’s territories controlled. The Senate will be able to pass laws that affect events at Quest, including the spending of the Treasury (in character coin).

Quests, Tournaments, Trollball and other events may be booked from Monday – Friday. If you wish to plan something for Saturday, please contact us to discuss. All these event will be published in advance and on a Quest board in the Town.


Death and Healing
Healing and Respawning at Quest

1. Normal SC healing rules apply if you are not yet “dead”.

2. You are considered “dead” and need to respawn if you are incapacitated i.e. on zero HP and either: (a) you bled out; (b) someone has performed a coup de grace on you; or (c) you were struck by a siege weapon or epic creature (you’re pulped…).

3. To respawn, you must visit Death in the town. This may involve a challenge.

4. Respawned players will not be able to remember at least their final 30 minutes prior to their respawning and should RP accordingly.

5. Bleeding out:
(a) If you are bleeding out, you need to count to 60 (approximately a minute). On reaching 60 you are considered dead.
(b) If you are healed while bleeding out, you have been saved and wont die (that time). When healing commences your death count is paused. If the healing is interrupted your death count resumes at the same point.
(c) If another player actively and continuously performs first aid and does nothing else (for example holds a bandage to your “wound” to staunch the bleeding while doing nothing else), your death count is also paused. If the first aid stops or is interrupted the death count resumes. Additional players could get involved such as 2 of them carrying you while the first aider continues to administer first aid. Both the dying player and the first aider are encouraged to RP the experience.

All other previous special Quest death and healing rules we have used in the past are replaced by these rules.