Game Format and Rules

 This map is an artistic representation of locales, and is subject to

A week of medieval mayhem, battles and questing!

Once again, the Electors have gathered at Ancient Estra to press for their favoured Avatar to rule the land.

And their followers have joined them, flooding through the gates of “The Rock”, the castle overlooking the city seeking plunder and pleasure. A tide met by the locals who have thrown open the drinking dens, gambling houses, and fighting pits once again.

But the chaos caused by the Monkey King last Quest has torn the heavens asunder. The cosmos is in disarray, and a rift has opened in the skies above Estra leading to the Void. And this celestial rift has drawn the eye of the denizens of the Void, who now look hungrily upon the world.

Who will you support? Who will you oppose? And who will be victorious? Enjoy The Rock, whilst you still can…

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– Encampment below the Castle in our own exclusive campsite
– Warbands allocated space to set up and decorate their camps in Encampment
– RP related tents and buildings in Encampment
– Merchants within the Castle and the camps

Game Play
– RP and play in the Castle from 4pm-1am
– Gang turf wars in the castle
– Avatar and guild tourneys through out the week.

– Sagas map on display with pieces showing action
– Spring Sagas battles from Monday to Friday
– Public running of Summer Sagas orders on Friday night

– Avatar RP battles following the story of the avatars throughout the week
– Avatar Final Battle on Saturday

– Toilets and showers serviced daily
– Food available all day in the Castle
– Feast options available
– Drinks at discounted prices in the Castle


Quest Currency Coins
Swordcraft coins will be in play as well as a wide variety of other player driven IC currency. Swordcraft has not set, and does not officially support, any kind of conversion rate between IC and OOC currency.

Quests, Tournaments, Trollball and other events may be booked from Monday – Friday. If you wish to plan something for Saturday, please contact us to discuss. All these event will be published in advance and on a Quest board in the Town.