Code of Conduct


Our society has a problem with discrimination, whether sexism, homophobia, racism, or other mistreatment of people different to the mainstream. The geek culture and GW have both reflected this. We cannot control what happens outside Swordcraft but we can create a safe space here.

No form of Out of Character (OOC) discrimination will be tolerated at Swordcraft. All players have the right to participate equally in our games and rp – on the field, at our events, and within the community.

In Character (IC) discrimination is NEVER permissible in our games unless the other person CONSCIOUSLY CONSENTS.

In Character (IC) racism or species-ism is permissible as part of role play in the context of the setting where we explore this darker side of human nature. This is because a player WHO chooses to place the race or species has exercised CONSCIOUSLY CONSENT.

Where art, lore, fluff or material used in the wider community, geek culture, or Warhammer Fantasy is sexist, homophobic, gender-ist you must re-interpret it to fit our shared vision for a welcoming and inclusive game.


Further, you must always respect other people’s boundaries in your personal and sexual interactions. ALWAYS.

Whenever you engage with another person you must ensure that the other person is CONSCIOUSLY CONSENTING to any form of personal or sexual interaction.

CONSCIOUSLY CONSENT or CONSCIOUS CONSENTING means: “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in personal or sexual activity. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the affirmative consent of the other or others to engage in the personal or sexual activity.”


Players who breach these basic rules will not be tolerated at Swordcraft.


If you feel that another player or official is acting in a discriminatory manner towards you, or is not respecting your personal boundaries:
1. Ask them to stop;
2. If they persist, take steps to protect yourself and then inform our officials, medics, our contact officers Heather Josephine, a member of our Executive Team, or our President Jeff Krins.

We will investigate all incidents of sexist or racist behaviour, and failures to respect personal boundaries that are reported to us.

Your personal safety is our priority.