Città Rossa: The Red Renaissance

During this journey to Estra, the town is held by Red Faction, led by The Siconze. The Red Town warbands are The Siconze Dominion, Durin’s Brigade, The Imperials, The Royal Arisian Cavaliers, The Eternals, Rogues Battalion, The Rats, and The Black Arrow Syndicate.

Video by Heather’s LARP Life

This Quest, we are providing a Quest Program, which lists all event times and locations. This schedule is subject to change, and will be regularly updated to reflect changes and additions.  Click the picture below to view the Google Spreadsheet.


Ylva the Red is hosting workshops, which are listed separately in this Google Document.

Troll Ball is back by popular demand, so be sure to check out the rules if you want to compete!

The Siconze have rechristened the town as Città Rossa, and their laws are thus:


Entertainment planned for Città Rossa:


Siconze University Courses: