Weekly Player Spotlight: The Warna Family

Good afternoon Swordcraftians! Welcome to this week’s Player Spotlight!

This week we’re focusing on what it’s like to be a family that LARPs together.


Dayan Warna has been playing Swordcraft for about four and half years, ever since he attended a Saturday game at Darebin Park. He plays a character named Rajahdan, “a lazy, greedy mercenary who fights to pay for the luxuries in life.” He sometimes plays as Shamadan, “a crazy shaman, who talks to his dead brother William, his uncle William, and his grandfather William.”

Enjoying his hobby with him are his three children. His eldest son plays the character Rajahaidan, and his middle daughter plays the character Snow Leopard. His youngest son, Tornado, is not yet old enough to play, but longs for the day he can join his family in glorious battle.


Dayan originally ran with the warband The Sisters of Kira Earta, and toured for some time with The Guardians of the Dawn, before settling into his current warband, The 13th Free Company. Dayan’s eldest son, Rajahaidan, joined him in The 13th Free Company a year ago, and Snow Leopard has taken to the field of battle only a few weeks ago.

Dayan says his role as both a member of The 13th Free Company and as a father has not caused him issues at Swordcraft.

“They (The 13th Free Company) were understanding with my part time basis and adjusted to include my family and my friends. It really is a family warband.”


Dayan says the major drawback of playing as a family is, of course, the cost. It’s one thing to suit oneself up in armour and weapons, but it’s quite another matter to get the whole family involved. He doesn’t regret it though. In his own words:

“It really is the best. I can’t wait for my youngest to join in, and he loves the kids events. He really gets into the character and story. Its so very serious for them. It’s also time with the family. Other families go camping, we just add swords and spears to our adventure. It’s also doing things, being in events, making friends, shared cooking, shared meals and the like. It’s a bonding time and its also a sharing time as we have done fund raisers for cancer, local CFA’s groups and other events as time and opportunity presents itself.

And we all have fun.”

Dayan’s advice to other parents looking to get into Swordcraft is to just do it! Dayan, like many other parents at Swordcraft, is happy to be approached by parents looking for advice when it comes to participating and bringing their children into the community. Though you have to be 16 to participate, Swordcraft is very welcoming to families, and at Quest, children have plenty of space to act out their own growing LARP ideas.

“Family and community are big pluses,” Dayan said. “How do you define fun? I’m one of those loitering from about 5.30 on a Friday, chatting to the early arrivals on weekends I don’t have the kids. On weekends I do have the kids, it’s a three hour round trip from the city to Berwick, to collect the kids and back to Carlton to play.

We do it because it’s fun! How do you define fun?”

-Kayleigh Helm
Social Media Director, Editor for Swordcraft.com.au


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