Weekly Player Spotlight: Edward Beaumont

Good afternoon Swordcraftians! Welcome to this week’s Player Spotlight!

So far, we’ve featured a veteran player, and a veteran volunteer/player. While people like Al and Jade are long-standing pillars of the community, we know that there are a lot of people who haven’t been with us for very long, but are impacting the community nonetheless. I turned to the Warband Leaders for suggestions on newer players who have really been putting their all into the game, and I wasn’t disappointed! The Warband Leaders rose to the occasion, and I was overwhelmed by nominations. It was hard to choose, and many of the people suggested will most certainly be featured in the future!

So, without further ado, I’d like you all to meet Edward Beaumont!


Edward has been with Swordcraft for just over a year, and first started out playing at Swordcraft Ballarat, which is held at Kryal Castle.  Edward also attended Legends of Markoth in the past.

Though originally a member of the Bloody Rats, Edward is now a member and founder of The Black Arrow Syndicate, a relatively new warband at Swordcraft. His character is High Prince Eidon of House Azgin Kraal, a noble who has fled from his homeland, and brought his criminal organisation with him. Edward draws inspiration from both his time with the Bloody Rats, as well as the Siconze.

“The Black Arrow Syndicate is my dream warband. However before the creation of my own warband I would often run with the Siconze Dominion in Melbourne, as I was really drawn to their excellent standards of kit and costuming, and their fun roleplaying experiences- it’s always fun to put on an accent. So I guess finding a warband and theme I like was quite easy for me because I managed to slide so well into the Siconze’s style, which I then drew upon in the creation of the Syndicate, as well as criminal aspects from the Bloody Rats.”


One of the things Edward enjoys most about Swordcraft is all the friends he’s made, as well as meeting his partner there. He also enjoys the chance to bring fantasy to life.


“In general the SC community and LARPing is a way for me to play out all the fantasy books and games I enjoyed as a child. Its a way for me to use my interest in history in a more practical way. It’s a way for me to beat up other nerds with a sword.”

It’s players like Edward that flesh out the world of Swordcraft. Though he’s a relative newcomer, he’s jumped right in, and worked hard for all the warbands he’s been part of to make a fun roleplay experience for everyone. His hard work has earned him the high recommendations of fellow Swordcraftians. Thanks, Edward!


-Kayleigh Helm
Social Media Director, Editor for Swordcraft.com.au


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