Weekly Player Spotlight: Jade Oakes

Hello Swordcraftians, and welcome to this week’s Player Spotlight!

There are lots of elements that come together to make Swordcraft what it is. From warband leaders to new players, board members to volunteers, there are so many people involved. In this player feature, we’re going to highlight someone who helps make Swordcraft happen every week: longtime player and Swordcraft volunteer, Jade Oakes!

Jade has been attending Swordcraft since October 2012, having never LARPed before that time.

“Swordcraft was definitely my first LARP experience,” she said. “I felt LARPing was a bit too D&D for me, but I was so very wrong. I enjoy the costumes and the fighting most.”

Jade almost immediately joined the Swordcraft volunteer team once she started attending. At first, Jade’s responsibilities as a volunteer were centred around Player Sign-In, but she quickly proved her devotion to Swordcraft, and took on more and more responsibilities. Jade is now in charge of Friday nights, acts as a Game Marshal, organises online registration, and runs the Quest ticketing website. Responding to 2000+ active members on the Facebook group, as well as players on Friday night, can be frustrating and draining, but ultimately rewarding. Jade enjoys the happiness people get from playing, interacting with each other, and participating in the ever-growing community.

“My favourite part is seeing something I’ve put so much time and effort into grow. I love seeing how excited people get when we hit 400 players for a night. I also love to see when people step in to help others even though they gain nothing. That definitely puts your faith into the community and the players.”

Jade works hard to keep the rules of Swordcraft growing and evolving, with the goal of someday seeing Swordcraft take its place on the international stage.

Though Jade spends a lot of her time working for Swordcraft, she’s also a dedicated player. Jade is a member of The Order of the Teuton Knights, known more commonly as The Order, which takes inspiration from The Empire in Warhammer. Jade’s Swordcraft character, Sister Margaret, is a battle priest and healer, and is also heavily inspired by Warhammer.

“My character is the complete opposite of me in almost every way, and I figured if I’m going to pretend to be someone else, they might as well be crazy. Anyone who has experienced her at Quest knows that her surgery can be a blessing. . . or a curse.”

Jade’s dedication to the game and the community is part of what makes Swordcraft so amazing. She’s been instrumental in Swordcraft’s progress, and can’t be thanked enough for all of her effort and hard work. May the blessings of Sigmar go with you wherever you may travel, Jade!

– Kayleigh Helm
Social Media Director, Editor for Swordcraft.com.au


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