The World of Swordcraft


A Warhammer Fantasy LARP


Welcome to Sudenburg, a frontier town on the Old Silk Road in the Border Princes.

A town surrounded by wilderness, hostile human and non-human tribes, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and rumors of untold treasure.

A town where the Council of 4 – its ruling Lords and Merchants, are always looking for swords to hire.

A town where you are as likely to die in battle as with a knife in your guts.

A town where bold adventure awaits.

Note: Swordcraft is not connected to Games Workship and our use of the Warhammer Fantasy setting is completely unofficial.




Sudenburg is located in the Border Princes region, which provides a rich opportunity for battle and role play:

Both the in-game and real world year is the current year (so 2019 is 2019) – in-game this is during the Age of Three Emperors.

The Warhammer Fantasy setting has been selected as it provides a generic fantasy setting with lots of publicly available detailed material for player backstory, ability to accommodate a large number of fantasy tropes, and heaps of flexibility for players. A large proportion of our player base are also already familiar with the setting.

The Warhammer world itself comes with an absolutely huge amount of source material for players to delve into, from cannon and non-cannon lore, novels, on-line games and fanfic.

And as a generic fantasy environment with gunpowder and all the usual non-humans, it can accommodate the kind of kit that people already have, saving players the cost of having to get new gear – though you can if you want of course.

Attending our events

At Blood and Gold most players will attend as part of a warband though there is also scope to attend on their own if they wish – groups can style themselves as mercenary companies, a knight and retinue, tribe, cult or coven, band of adventurers, settlers, merchants or any other small group that has come to the borderlands looking to make their fortune, hunt monsters or escape their enemies.

We encourage players and warband leaders to read up on the setting and develop backstories to fit.


Want to Know More About the Setting?

The following wiki is a good place to start:

Army books background here:

Did someone say maps?

These novels (extracts here) are useful primers too:

Troll Slayer


Beasts in Velvert

Other novels: