Side Quests


How to Run a Side Quest at Swordcraft Quest

Side Quests are player driven activities that provide interesting experiences to all involved while also creating more depth and narrative to the Swordcraft roleplaying world.

General Guidelines for everyone running a side quest or activity.

  • Try to make absolutely everything in-character. Avoid explaining the situation out-of-character and instead be a person involved in the story.
  • Keep things simple. People generally only remember 3 things.  A complex briefing will usually be forgotten quickly.
  • Find a balance between making the experience challenging but achievable. You want the participants to succeed, but don’t make it too easy
  • If using props, try to make them look real.
  • Remember Swordcraft is a “what you see is what you get” world, so if somebody needs to pick a lock, give them a lock pick; if somebody needs to climb a wall, make them climb the wall.
  • Remember that the play space is open to everybody, so be wary of assassination and murder attempts, and don’t get annoyed it if it happens – Althea is a dangerous place and that is part of the fun.
  • As a player try to roll with the experience. Take defeats and failures as part of the fun and try to play along with any roleplay magic you encounter.
  • Don’t wreck other people’s fun. If you see another group on an adventure, don’t go out of your way to wreck it for them.


The Guild

The Guild is a meeting point where people can advertise and collect quests. The Guild master will also be approving any non-standard rules about NPC.

The Guild will operate from throughout Quest. We encourage you to try to schedule your activities for the main playing days.