Blood & Gold: The Swarm of Sudenburg


A Warhammer Fantasy Role Play themed LARP

Join us for a week of medieval mayhem, battles and questing!


Welcome to Sudenburg, a frontier town on the Old Silk Road in the Border Princes.

A town surrounded by wilderness, hostile human and non-human tribes, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and rumors of untold treasure.

A town where its ruling Council of 4 Merchant Princes are always looking for swords to hire.

A town where you are as likely to die in battle as with a knife in your guts.

A town where bold adventure awaits.


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Event dates:
When: Sunday 29 September to Sunday 6 October 2019
Where: Lardner Park

Swordcraft is proud to invite you to attend the next chapter in the Blood and Gold saga.

This Quest continues with the events that occurred in April 2019; the four Merchant Princes hold an unlikely truce while they lick their wounds, and a new threat rises from below the ground

Swordcraft Quest is a Warhammer themed LARP located in the town of Sudenburg, a frontier town on the Old Silk road in the Border Princes. Sudenburg is surrounded by wilderness, hostile human and non-human tribes, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and rumors of untold treasure.

The setting is both the in-game and real world year of 2019 – in-game this is during the age of three emperors. For more information see our player guides which were released in 2018 for Blood and Gold and the Merchant Princes guide released in March 2019.

Ticket Prices: (npc / volunteer pricing to be released at a later date).

Full event (Inclusive of ticketing fees and GST):
$140 – Early bird 1st release – first 100 tickets
$160 – Early bird 2nd release – second 100 tickets
$180 – Normal ticket prices

Wednesday to Saturday tickets

Merchants: (please pm Swordcraft with space requirements)
$160 per merchant attending the full event (per person in your stall).
$30 per person for a day with a small stall.
(There will be a bazaar available for IC coins with space available for any player merchants in town).

10% off for interstate players (coupon code: sctravellers0919)
30% off for overseas players (coupon code: scacrossthesea0919)

Marquee Hire:
Marquees will be available to hire, you will need to PM the Swordcraft account to organise a marquee prior to the event (payment to be made by July 2019. Prices below:

3×3 Marquee $250.00
6×3 Marquee $400.00
6X6 Marquee $600.00
6X9 Marquee $750.00
9×9 Marquee $1,200.00
12X9 Marquee$1,600.00

Terms and Conditions:
You must at all times comply with the rules of Swordcraft, its Code of Conduct, the directions of its Officials and real world law. Failure to do so may result in your being required to leave the event.

Alcohol: There will be a tavern in Sudenburg providing alcoholic beverages and meals. The tavern will encompass an entire block with Fortune’s Fool and the other town locations within this space. This is a strictly no BYO event. The tavern will have daily happy hour prices and will maintain competitive prices for the entire event – it will be an In-Character (IC) tavern and will be set up in theme. The red-line area will be increased to cover a greater portion of the town centre.

Wristbands MUST be worn at all times while onsite. It is the attendee’s responsibility to get a replacement if their wristband is lost. Failure to adhere to this rule can result in immediate expulsion from the event.

Under age attendees aged 15, 16 and 17 may attend and fully participate in roleplay and battles with the written permission of their parent or guardian.

Under age attendees below the age of 15 may attend the event but are not permitted to take part in any battles and must be supervised by their parent or adult carer at all times.

Under age players remain the responsibility of their parent or legal guardian at all times, regardless of whether the parent or legal guardian is present on site or not. Swordcraft Ltd assumes no responsibility for under age players.

Tickets are only valid for the individual who purchased them, are non-refundable and only transferable via our clearing house (PM via Facebook for inquiries).

Photo ID is required for entry. Legal names must be used on tickets. Use the same name that appears on your photo ID, not your current name if it has changed. If for any reason your legal name no longer matches your ID, please prepare a stat dec to this effect and have it properly witnessed before you attend the event.

People using someone else’s ticket will be rejected from the event.

The registration number of any vehicle you will be parking at the event MUST be included in the drivers’ ticket registration. If the vehicle changes you must inform the event manager before the event. It is a condition of entry that you accept liability for any damage and costs incurred if your vehicle is towed if it is not registered with us and/or we need to move it for safety or operational reasons.

Setting up your camp and being in costume

Our quest events are 24 hour IC costumed events.

Sunday 29 September and Sunday 6 October are bump in and bump out days respectively.

Bump in and out days are OOC.

Monday 30 September to Saturday 5 October are IC times.There will be an opening ceremony on Monday at midday which will begin the IC time.

Players will have full access to the site for set up and packing up their camps on bump in and bump out day. If you require vehicular access to the camp areas or town during these days please contact the event manager closer to event date.

Players wishing to set up or pack up their camp from 30 September to 5 October will need to do so in costume and will not have access to their camp by vehicle. Access roads are not far away.

There will be toilets, showers, drinking water, rubbish disposal and firewood available on-site.