New Player Spotlight: Jacob and Shaun

Hello Swordcraftians, and welcome to our first weekly New Player Spotlight! Every week we’re going to get to know a new player or two; their names and possible future characters, as well as what drove them to give Swordcraft a go. Without further ado, please meet our first series of spotlighted new players, Jacob and Shaun.

Both Jacob and Shaun first fielded on the 10th of March and were members of the green militia and red militia respectively.

 Jacob has been excited to come to Swordcraft since first seeing it at a convention several years ago, in Melbourne. After watching the live stream from the Professional Hobbyist last week, that was the tipping point for this 18-year-old to decide that he needed to come on down and try this exciting sport. After trying Monday night Swordcraft, he came along to Friday to experience the main event. When asked what he loved about Swordcraft so far, Jacob’s response is one we love to hear, and hope that we will continue to hear in every new group of new players: “The players are pretty cool and are a very cool bunch of people. It isn’t uncomfortable to be here and everyone has been extremely friendly. I love the game and the fact I get to hit people with a sword!”

 Jacob would love to one day make a character that is a ‘big, meaty Paladin who uses both sword and shield but carries a tome to heal’. He found that the warbands that stood out most to him were The Imperials and The 13th Free Company, “They are menacing in shield walls and Free Co. were really good with us first timers and gave us a chance”. Jacob’s message to those who may want to come try Swordcraft is: “At least come down and give it a go and I can guarantee you’ll have a great time and make heaps of new friends!”

Shaun on the other hand first heard about Swordcraft from a friend, Brett Kagan, a member of The Circle of the Lion. At 29 years old, this was his first LARP experience and he was quite nervous first getting into battle. After being dubbed red militias ‘tank’ due to being lent armour, he fought valiantly against all those who faced both him and his team mates. When Shaun was asked what he loved so far, “I love the sword fighting and it’s a lot of fun being in a shield wall”. Shaun’s ideal character would be ‘a marauder with a sword or an axe or maybe he would be an archer’. The warband that stood out the most to him were The Venators because they ‘look so cool!’ Shaun’s message to people interested in trying Swordcraft is to “give it a go as it is quite energetic.”

Written by Val Kenny, Swordcraft New Player Trainer
Edited by Kayleigh Helm, Social Media Director

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