Weekly Player Spotlight: Al Taylor

Hello Swordcraftians, and welcome to our first weekly player spotlight! Every week we’re going to get to know a player, volunteer, marshal or organiser at Swordcraft; their names and character names, how long they’ve been playing, what warband they’re with, and why they love LARPing.

Without further ado, please meet our first spotlighted player, Al Taylor!

Al, – or Beomund de Bohan, Captain of the 13th Free Company, as he is known in Althea – has been coming to Swordcraft for four years now, but has beenĀ participating in freeform roleplay – a form of RP that is combat free and focuses on political power struggles – for nearly twenty years!

When asked what he likes about LARPing, Al said, “I guess it would be the costuming. I love armouring up. Swordcraft gave me an excuse to buy a coat of chain maille, something I’ve always wanted since I was a kid.”

Al has made quite a name for himself at Swordcraft, as both a fair player, and a good leader. Not only that, but his skills in combat have earned him the title ‘Axe Mountain’, after he engaged an Epic Creature in single combat. It is said that he brings his axe down “like it has fallen from the top of a mountain.”


Al has always fought with the 13th Free Company, and after years of loyal service, hard work, and dedication to his warband – both on the field and off – Al was made Captain of the Company. Al and his warband have also put in a great deal of effort for the community, running The Ham and Basilisk at Quest, as well as the Cathay Spice Service, a trading post of sorts in the town square, where players can trade Quest currency for basic goods and services.

Al exemplifies the spirit of Swordcraft – he is a good player and leader, well-loved, and works hard with the community every day to create a bigger and better game. Though it’s not always easy, Al goes the extra mile to make sure everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest. Happy fighting, Axe Mountain!

-Kayleigh Helm
Social Media Director, Editor for Swordcraft.com.au